If you are found guilty (or plead guilty) to hindering an investigation, depending upon the circumstances of the offence, and your previous criminal history, the Court may impose a heavy fine and imprisonment.

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What is a ‘Hinder an Investigation’ offence and what are the penalties?

It is an offence under Section 315 of the Crimes Act for a person to do anything intending in any way to hinder the investigation of an offence or the discovery of evidence concerning a serious offence.

This offence will be dealt with in the Local Court unless an election is made for trial before the District Court.

The maximum penalty which can be imposed in the Local Court is 2 years imprisonment. However, if the case is within the low to mid range of seriousness, the likely penalty at the Local Court is a good behaviour bond for 18 months. To determine how serious your case is you’ll need to give our Criminal Team a call.

If an election is made in the District Court, the maximum period of imprisonment is 7 years.

However, for first time offenders, the likely penalty is a good behaviour bond for 12 months.

To prove that you hindered an investigation, the police must prove that you personally committed an act to hinder the investigation and that the act was committed deliberately. The act must have hindered an investigation of a serious indictable offence committed by another person, the apprehension of another person who has committed a serious indictable offence or the discovery of evidence concerning a serious indictable offence.

Possible defences for hindering an investigation include (but are not limited to) duress, necessity and self defence. To discuss these in detail and work out which one would be a suitable defence in your situation you’ll need to give our Criminal Law Team a call.

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