As a business owner, it is inevitable that you will be exposed to risk. The alternative is closing up shop.

Risk Manager Lawyers NSW

Having a good understanding of the risks associated with your business and what can be done to minimise those risks, makes good business sense. We recommend all business owners have a risk management plan.

Risk management is a process of identifying, assessing and prioritising risks, followed by the application of reasonable resources to minimise, monitor, and control the impact and probability of unfortunate events.

Risk Management – Assessment Briefing

We can help you identify risks and minimisation options by way of a Business Risk Assessment Briefing (Briefing).

We recommend the Briefing take place at your business premises to allow you to highlight any risks of particular concern to you. This will be followed by a discussion about those risks, the risks we’ve identified and risk minimisation options.

The Briefing should place you in a better position to then development, implement and monitor your Risk Management Plan.

What are some risks that will be identified in the Risk Assessment Briefing?

The Briefing will be geared towards the risks you want to discuss and the steps you can take to eliminate or minimise those risks.

The following list highlights risks that regularly cause problems for business owners:

  • Business Structures (do you have the correct business structure?)
  • Occupational Health & Safety (do you have the correct procedures or polices in place?)
  • Privacy (do you have any privacy concerns?)
  • Social Media (do you have a social media policy in place?)
  • The Fair Work Act and Modern Awards (are you complying with the laws?)
  • Debt Recovery (do you have a proper credit control procedure in place?)
  • Business Restructuring (is your business in need of a restructure?)
  • Estate and Business Succession Planning (do you have a plan for succession?)
  • Human Resource and Payroll Management (are you paying your employees correctly?)
  • Intellectual Property (is your IP protected? e.g. trademarks, patents etc)
  • Employment Law (do you have employment contracts in place?)
  • Insurances (do you have insurance policies in place?)
  • IT Disaster Planning & Recovery (do you have a plan in place if there is a disaster?)
  • Asset Protection (are your assets protected?)
  • Buying or Selling (are you prepared for an acquisition, disposal or merger?)

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