Having problems with an insurer not accepting your claim? We take a commercial approach when it comes to handling insurance disputes. We can help you to identify what it is your insurance indemnifies you for, and the best evidence to present to the insurer in support of your claim.

Insurance Dispute Lawyers NSW

Taking out a contract of insurance to cover foreseeable risks, is a cornerstone of modern risk management in our personal and business lives. The alternative is self-insurance, which can have a devastating effect on one’s cash flow.

Most of us who take out insurance are not in the business of insurance, however the insurer is. That means it is also in the business of litigating. It is important to know this because it influences how an insurer reacts to claims. There is a school of thought that insurers play a percentage game, declining a certain percentage of claims in the hope the decision will not be challenged.

This is where our insurance dispute lawyers come into their own. We can provide advice on how you should liaise with the insurer. This will be based on an assessment of the:

  • prevailing facts;
  • the correspondence from and to the insurer;
  • the contract of insurance;
  • the common law; and
  • any relevant case law.

Our advice will include an assessment of the merit of your claim, the options available to you and a preliminary estimate of the costs involved in pursuing each such option.

We can tailor our advice to suit your budget. Not everyone requires, or can afford, comprehensive written advice, addressing every aspect of the advice in detail. These types of advice have their place, but often are of little utility to a non-lawyer, due to the complexity and ambiguity involved in the law.

More often than not, what our clients want answered is this question – “If you were me, what would you do?”.

To discuss your insurance dispute, contact our Insurance Disputes Team today.

Our Insurance Law Legal Services

We have expertise in providing strategic advice such as:

  • Advising companies about liability insurance and indemnities
  • Interpreting and negotiating contractual indemnity and insurance provisions in both commercial and personal policies
  • Negotiating insurance disputes
  • Compensation & Insurance Claims
  • Death benefits insurance claims
  • Income protection and superannuation claims
  • Home and contents insurance claims
  • Motor vehicle property damage claims

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