Seeking legal advice before you file for divorce can help to ensure a smooth process during an already challenging time.

The majority of separating couples also require arrangements for property and/or children’s matters. If this is the case for you, then we recommend you seek support from a divorce lawyer.

At Turnbull Hill Lawyers, we have been helping clients navigate divorce in NSW since 1969. Our experienced Family Law Team offers compassionate, comprehensive and personalised legal services, guiding you through the process without litigation wherever practical.

Whether you have decided to file or have already been served papers, contact our divorce lawyers in Newcastle,  Maitland or Sydney to commence your case.

From online divorce applications to property settlement and parenting plans, we are here to help you part ways with peace of mind.

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How to get a divorce in Australia

Divorce applications are generally filed online through the Commonwealth Courts Portal. If you submit the application with your partner, you are considered to be joint applicants and do not need to serve each other. If you lodge it on your own as a sole applicant, then you must serve this application on the other party.

You are typically only required to attend a divorce hearing if:

  • You are a sole applicant and share a child under 18 years old with the other party;
  • You have stated that you would like to attend the hearing in your application;
  • One party has objected to the hearing being held without both parties’ attendance; or
  • The respondent opposes the application.

Requirements for granting a divorce

Your divorce should be granted so long as you satisfy the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia that you and your spouse have lived separately and apart for at least twelve months, and that there is no reasonable likelihood of getting back together.

Uncertain as to your eligibility, entitlements and duties? Our skilled divorce lawyers can advise and assist you with the entire process, from document preparation to court representation. Discover our uncontested divorce application service, available online to joint applicants across Australia.

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Filing for divorce with children

Divorce proceedings can become more complex when a child under eighteen years of age is involved. In this case, you have to show the court that “proper arrangements” for the child’s care, welfare and development have been made before your divorce can be granted. For example, the child’s living arrangements and time spent with both parents must be detailed in your divorce application.

Importantly, parenting and divorce law are distinct. Therefore, the Court will not issue parenting orders and a divorce order together. Our divorce lawyers specialise in navigating these complexities with a compassionate and streamlined approach.

From negotiating parenting plans and applying for consent orders, to resolving custody disputes and claiming child support, receive tailored legal support to protect your child’s best interests.

Applying for a divorce with Turnbull Hill Lawyers

Gain invaluable legal advice when you need it most. Our experienced divorce lawyers will lead you through the application and any subsequent proceedings so that you can close this chapter with confidence.

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Providing professional legal services since 1969, our divorce lawyers have the drive, expertise and resources to champion your best interests after a relationship breakdown.

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Be confident in your legal costs from the outset. We will provide you with a clear and detailed quote of expected costs after your consultation.

Efficient resolutions

Finalise your divorce without delay. Our Family Law Team takes on each case with exceptional efficiency and, when necessary, urgency to meet your deadlines.

Personalised guidance

Understanding your needs is paramount when providing legal advice and drafting divorce documents. Our family lawyers collaborate closely with you, tailoring each step to your unique circumstances.

Pragmatic approach

Our team offers practical and creative solutions to tackle legal challenges as they arise, equipping you with the dynamic support required to achieve your legal goals.

Exceptional service

We have earned the trust of thousands of clients through word-of-mouth referrals. Our unparalleled reputation stems from our dedication to delivering friendly and reliable service with meticulous attention to detail.

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