A binding financial agreement, also known as a separation agreement, is a legally binding document that formalises your property settlement. Each party must carefully consider their options and what is in their best interest prior to signing a binding financial agreement.

Separating from your partner is already a stressful and complicated time in your life and a property settlement can only add to this if done incorrectly. Getting specialised legal advice makes a huge difference in not only getting what you are entitled to, but alleviating your stress in this difficult time of your life.

Our expert team of specialised lawyers provide quality, practical advice that won’t only help you separate, it will help you move on.

What is a binding financial agreement?

A binding financial agreement (also known as a separation agreement or property settlement agreement) is a legally binding and enforceable document that sets out the terms of a financial separation between two people i.e. who gets what when a couple separates.

A separation agreement is more accurately known as a ‘Binding Financial Agreement’ under the Family Law Act, also known as a BFA. A separation agreement can be entered into at any time.

To assist separating couples, our Family Law Team has drafted the following FAQs to assist you in making this important decision.

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The purpose of a binding financial agreement

A binding financial agreement provides both your and your former partner with legal certainty regarding the division of assets and debts of your relationship.

This can include things such as the family home, vehicles, investments, and even superannuation.

A binding financial agreement is a far less expensive and stressful alternative to costly and time consuming court proceedings.

Binding financial agreements with Turnbull Hill Lawyers

Get reliable advice and support with binding financial agreements. Our dedicated family law team can take you through every step of the process and guide you through this difficult and emotionally taxing time in your life.

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Turnbull Hill Lawyers has been trusted by thousands of families through word-of-mouth referrals. Our unparalleled reputation lies in our dedication to delivering personable and reliable service with meticulous attention to detail.

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