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Looking for a local Criminal Lawyer in NSW?

Our team of Criminal Lawyers can assist you with matters related to all types of Criminal Law, and we're ready to help you. We regularly appear before most Criminal Courts across NSW (in and around Newcastle and Central Coast) and have a deep understanding of all Criminal Law matters.

We've been defending the people of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and the Hunter region since 1969 and have helped our clients achieve better outcomes in thousands of criminal cases.

We are used to dealing with the Police, and know all the 'ins and outs' of the Courts and Justice system. Scroll down below for more information or give Matt Carney a call right now on 1800 994 279.

  1. Why choose our Criminal Law Team?
  2. What Criminal Law matters can we help with?
  3. How can we help you?
  4. What courts in NSW do we appear before?
  5. What is involved in going to court?
  6. Which court will I have to go to?
  7. Where is Newcastle Local Court?
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Matthew Carney - Criminal Lawyer

Know Your Rights in NSW 2016

Why choose our Criminal Law Team?

If you wish to defend charges, we will work with you to ensure you understand the evidence necessary to successfully defend the charges...

If you wish to plead guilty to charges, we will ensure your version of events is made known to the Judge as well as any information you want the Judge to take into account when imposing a penalty - eg, your need to have a licence for work; your need to work, details of your previous good character... including tendering any character references.

We understand your Criminal Law matter will have different facts and circumstances to any other Criminal Law matter...we will make sure we understand your circumstances.

We will make sure you are made aware of your options. We will explain your options in Plain English so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed... and we will keep you informed of progress.

We will also provide options to you to help you manage your cash flow so you are properly represented before the Judge. We are able to set up direct debits from your credit card or savings account so that your representation fees are paid in advance. You can then relax knowing we will be at Court looking after your interests.

Which type of Criminal Law matter can we help with?

Common Crime Matters

1. Drink Driving Offences 2. Making a False Statement / Perjury
3. Traffic Offences 4. Penalty Notices
5. Larceny / Stealing 6. Break and Enter Offences
7. Drug Offences 8. Murder and Manslaughter
9. Assault 10. Hinder an Investigation
11. Affray and Public Violence 12. Damage to Property
13. AVOs 14. Computer Offences / Cybercrime
15. Stalking and Intimidation 16. Firearm Offences
17. Centrelink Fraud 18. Drug Driving Offences
19. Extortion and Blackmail  

Corporate Crime Matters

1. Fraud / Cyber Fraud 2. Bribery
3. Insider Trading 4. Money Laundering
5. Identity Crime 6. Tax Fraud
7. Environmental Offences 8. Bankruptcy Charges

Sexual Offence Matters

1. Sexual Assault 2. Act of Indecency
3. Indecent Assault 4. Sexual Servitude
5. Child Prostitution 6. Child Abuse Material
7. Sexual Intercourse with a Child 8. Obscene Exposure
9. Voyeurism 10. Incest
11. Bigamy 12. Bestiality
13. Misconduct with a Corpse  

For information related to Penalties & Sentences download this: PDF Icon
For information related to Appeals download this: PDF Icon
For information related to Committal Hearings download this: PDF Icon

How can we help you?

Criminal Law in NSW Help

1. Initial Consultation Call (ICC)

We can arrange for you to have a 20 minute scheduled initial consultation with one of our Criminal Lawyers so you can get some direction on how to best deal with your situation.

During the consultation you'll be able to explain your circumstances, and discuss the merit of any defence you may have and how your criminal law matter will likely proceed - including time frames.

2. Go to Court

Go to CourtWe can represent you when your criminal law matter goes to Court. We'll explain everything in 'Plain English' so you can make informed decisions about how you'd like proceed. We'll keep you informed of your matter's progress, every step of the way. The costs associated with going to Court will depend on the individual circumstances of your matter. Call our Criminal Team to discuss this in more detail: 1800 994 279

Alternatively, if you would prefer to represent yourself in Court and would like some advice on the most effective way to do this, given your individual circumstances, we will arrange a 30 minute scheduled consultation with one of our experienced Criminal Lawyers to discuss the best strategy for you to adopt once the matter goes to Court.

What courts in NSW do we appear before?

Belmont Local Court Cessnock Local Court
Dungog Local Court East Maitland Local Court
Forster Local Court Gloucester Local Court
Gosford Local Court Kurri Kurri Local Court
Maitland Local Court Muswellbrook Local Court
Newcastle Local Court Raymond Terrace Local Court
Scone Local Court Singleton Local Court
Taree Local Court Toronto Local Court
Wyong Local Court  


What is involved in going to Court?

If you are going to court and would like to understand what's involved in the process download this document.

PDF Icon


Which court will I have to go to?

The majority of offences are heard in the Local Court of NSW.  More serious, or indictable, offences are matters that will be heard in the District or Supreme Court of NSW, usually by way of jury trial. To learn more about Indictable Proceedings, and which court you will be required to proceed before, download this document.

Newcastle Local Court Location on Map - Turnbull Hill Lawyers

PDF Icon


Where is Newcastle Local Court?

Newcastle Local Court is located near the Police Station and Hospital in the heart of the CBD.

Address: The Corner of Church and Bolton Streets, Newcastle, NSW

For specific directions please contact a member of our Criminal Law team.


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