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Looking for Lawyers in Newcastle, Central Coast or Sydney?

Welcome to Turnbull Hill Lawyers

Turnbull Hill Lawyers is a full-service office of lawyers providing assistance to the people and businesses of Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney. Our law firm was established in 1969. We currently employ over 55 staff and are proud to offer legal expertise in a broad range of practice areas.

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The most important provision of a shareholders' agreement is the exit provision

There can be no doubt that if you are a shareholder and a party to a shareholders agreement, written or verbal, that one day you will exit the shareholders agreement… if you don’t voluntarily retire as a shareholder, then death can be avoided for only so long. However, retirement and death are mostly not the cause of dispute ...

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How your family business can most easily be put at risk by non-trading issues

Written by Warwick Gilbertson, Partner - Most family businesses are operated within complex structures such as family trusts or companies...and often a combination of these.   Most of these structures still provide potential tax benefits and other important benefits such as asset protection for key family members in the busi...

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What types of deadlock clauses are used in Shareholder Agreements?

A ‘deadlock’ occurs when shareholders have a major disagreement or dispute related to the management of a business; where neither shareholder has the majority vote, i.e. if 4 shareholders disagree on an issue and they each hold 25% of the company’s shares. To resolve a ‘deadlock’, shareholders follow a proce...

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Federal Budget 2014 - What it means for you

Federal Budget 2014 Highlights: Federal Budget 2014 - What does it mean for you? from TurnbullHill A Temporary Budget Repair Levy is being introduced for three years starting on 1 July 2014, levied at two percent of taxable income in excess of $180,000. The schedule for increasing the Superannuation Guarantee ...

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You're in business with others...if it all stops going well, are your options clear?

During the past year I've provided advice to numerous business owners in disputes with a co-owner. Generally the business owners operated by way of partnership or as shareholders of a private company. However, the business structure used was not their problem. Their problem was that they had no formal mechanism in place to assist ...

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"Sarah Smith performed her performed her work as a conveyancing professional with a level of professionalism, courtesy and diligence that far exceed...

J Dawson

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