If you have a family law problem and don't know where to go or what to do, don't despair. Let us point you in the right direction with our First Step Package. It is designed for those taking their first steps in family law.

Family Law First Step Package FAQs

Q.  What is the First Step Package?

A. It is a fixed-cost package for those taking their first step in family law. You get:

  1. A two (2) hour appointment with a family lawyer of your choice;
  2. A written report advising you about your situation … the likely outcomes and what steps you should take. The more precise the details you provide, the more precise our advice;
  3. An information pack on family law issues; and
  4. An estimate of ongoing legal costs.

Q. How will a First Step Package consultation help me?

A. We understand that separation is difficult, however it is extremely important that you obtain specialised legal advice about so that you can make an informed decision about the best interest of your children and what you are entitled to when dividing your assets. As all relationships are different, every property settlement and/or care arrangements for children will be different. If you are going through a separation you should immediately obtain specialised family law advice so that you are fully informed or your rights and obligations prior to undertaking any negotiations with your spouse. A family law separation will be one of the biggest emotional and financially important times of your life.

Obtaining specialised family law advice will ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible for you and your children.

Q.  What does the First Step Package cost?

A. All of the above is yours for a fixed-fee, payable at the time of the first interview. No hidden or extra costs and no obligation. You can relax knowing where you stand with no extra costs to worry about.

To find out what the fixed-cost is, please give our Family Law Team a call or contact us using the enquiry form below.

Q. What happens after the First Step Package consultation?

A. That depends entirely upon what YOU want.

If you are happy with the information one of our family lawyers has given you (and we are certain you will be!) and wish to instruct us further, then it’s a simple matter of letting us know. Then all you need to do is agree to pay our costs as set out for you, provide us with any up-front fees needed to get started, and we will continue acting on your behalf without delay.

Q. How quickly can I book in a First Step Package consultation?

A. After you have made an initial enquiry with us, we are usually able to book a First Step appointment within 1-2 business days, depending on the availability of our family lawyers.

Q. How will I know what to bring to my First Step Package consultation?

A. During your initial telephone call you will speak directly with one of our family lawyers who will discuss with you the information needed for your appointment. Prior to your appointment, a member of our Family Law Team will also email to you a list of documents (related to your finances/assets/debts) to bring to your First Step Package appointment.

Q. If I cannot provide much information during the First Step Package consultation, is it still worth it?

A. Yes. Many people are not able to provide all the requested documents at the first conference. We understand that it is often difficult for one party to gain access to all the information related to their or their spouse’s assets/debts because:

  1. your spouse is acting as a gatekeeper and is blocking access; or
  2. you do not want to alert your spouse that you are seeking legal advice; or
  3. there are unknowns, i.e. one party is unsure about who owns what, etc.

While the more precise the details you provide, the more precise our advice will be, if information is not available we still recommend that you proceed with the First Step Package appointment as soon as possible as it will be a valuable tool in helping you know where you stand, what your options are and what next steps are required.

Q. Is there anything else I can do to prepare for my First Step Package consultation?

A. Yes. We provide an online induction tool that you’re welcome to use before the consultation. This will help you gather information about your relationship and surrounding circumstances, as well as give you an introduction to the sorts of issues we’ll be discussing with you in person. People tell us they feel more prepared and less anxious after completing the online induction, but it’s entirely up to you.

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