Sometimes life deals you a bad hand such as if you suffer a serious injury or illness; all the worst if you are no longer able to work, and you have been denied benefits under your total and permanent disability insurance policy.  

Total and permanent disability insurance is intended to help support you if permanently you are unable to work, or to work in your occupation of choice.

You would hope that making a claim on your total and permanent disability insurance policy would be a straightforward process. Unfortunately, often it is anything but; some insurance companies have a deserved reputation for not acting in good faith when deciding whether to accept or deny total and permanent disability insurance claims.

You may well find that despite having paid premiums for years, that your total and permanent disability insurance company unfairly denies your legitimate total and permanent disability insurance claim; leaving you without the regular income you expected if you suffered a serious injury or illness and could no longer work as planned.

If you have suffered a serious injury or illness and could no longer work as planned, and your total and permanent disability insurance company has denied your claim, or not accepted it within a reasonable time (this is essentially a denial of your claim) we will help you. We will review your evidence of disability and write to the insurance company setting out the reasons why it should reconsider its decision and if the insurance company maintains its denial we will litigate your claim in court.

Regrettably, claims on total and permanent disability insurance policies are often denied by the insurance companies without justification. Contact us today if you believe your claim for a total and permanent disability insurance benefit has wrongfully been denied. You have the right to take action, which may include lodging a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA*) and litigating.


*AFCA – the Australian Financial Complaints Authority operates an external complaint resolution scheme to resolve complaints by complainants about financial firms including insurance companies. If your insurance company is an AFCA member, then you may be able to avail yourself of this scheme.  We can manage the complaint process for you including drafting and lodging the complaint and undertaking all communication with AFCA and your insurance company. Alternatively, you can engage us to only attend to certain steps in the process, for example, drafting your complaint.

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