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Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Business Restructuring

Our Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution team represent business owners, creditors, debtors, institutional lenders (including lenders in trustee and receivership appointments, business restructuring, and judicial and non-judicial foreclosures), developers, buyers and sellers, trustees, committees, investors, financial institutions, commercial lessors and others in all aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy.


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  2. Choosing the Right Lawyer
  3. Corporate & Business Restructuring

Business Restructuring - John Woodward - Turnbull Hill Lawyers in NSW

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1. Our Services Include:

  • Liquidation
  • Corporate Insolvency and Personal Bankruptcy
  • Voluntary Administrations
  • Receiverships
  • Representation of the interests of secured lenders, lessors and debtors in complex debtors’ and creditors’ rights litigation
  • Litigation including preference recovery actions and uncommercial transactions, commercial mortgage foreclosures, enforcement of notes and guarantees, shareholders’ actions and company wind-up actions
  • Issuing statutory demands
  • Representation in bankruptcy alternatives, reorganisations, liquidations, insolvency planning and loan restructures
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Asset purchases
  • Creditors’ rights and bankruptcy-related litigation
  • Other debtor/creditor matters, such as equitable subordination litigation and transactional and tax advice
  • Post-liquidation/bankruptcy actions, such as creditors’ meetings, proofs of debt, voting and examination of bankrupts and company officers

The team’s specialist lawyers are called upon to counsel clients in restructuring complex credit relationships, from the inception to the resolution of problems.

Because of our depth of industry experience, our firm is recognised for its capacity to perform both transactional and adversarial work and craft practical solutions.

For your bankruptcy and insolvency law enquiries, please contact John Woodward, Partner.


Overcome Bankruptcy - Turnbull Hill Lawyers

2. Choosing the Right Lawyer

Finding the most suitable Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyer for your unique circumstances is crucial to overcoming this hurdle and moving on with your life.

Our expert team of Bankruptcy Lawyers and Insolvency Lawyers has been helping individuals and businesses in Newcastle and the Hunter overcome this stage of their life since we were established in 1969, and as a result, have developed extensive experience and knowledge relating to Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency Law that can be applied to your situation.

With a strong reputation around the Hunter and a track record of delivering successful outcomes to individuals, creditors, corporations and liquidators, we are confident in our promise to you to deliver the highest quality legal service, assistance and advice.


3. Corporate and Business Restructuring

Corporate restructuring is about making major changes to the general operations, structure or outstanding debt of a business, with the goal of solving one or more significant problems within that business. These problems will typically be causing financial harm and putting the entire business at risk. A company restructure aims to eliminate the problems and in doing so, greatly improve the business’s chance of success in the future.

Restructuring should be called “Business Improvement”. It’s a form of strategic planning that aims to support profitability and provide a pathway to success. Corporate restructuring is more than just looking at cash flow; it involves looking at the entire business to assess its strengths and weaknesses, identifying improvement opportunities and harnessing resources in new ways to meet business objectives and financial goals.

Our experienced team, led by John Woodward, has extensive experience and knowledge in restructuring a business and strategic planning.  Whether it’s a corporate restructure (cutting costs, payroll reduction, the sale of assets, etc) or a debt restructure (consolidating debt, managing cash flow, adjusting terms, etc), we’ve got what it takes to put your business back on the track to success.

If you’d like to discuss your unique situation, or you’d like more information on how to restructure a company, feel free to call a member of our team on 1800 994 279, or send us a message on our contact form.


Debt Recovery in Sydney

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