With the Christmas Party season about to begin, you may want to turn your mind as to whether to provide your staff with a reminder about the behaviour expected of them at your Christmas Party.

I have set out below a draft email which covers off on some key things. Feel free to use it, modified to your circumstances.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.


Hi everyone,

As you are aware the Christmas Party is being held at [insert venue] tonight from [insert commencement time].

This is a time for us to celebrate the festive season by enjoying some social time together and we want everyone to feel welcome.

Please remember however, that it is a work function and an appropriate standard of conduct is expected. It is timely that we remind everyone of a few points:

1. Behaviour at the Party.

As a work function the Company’s [insert names of applicable policies e.g. Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures, OH&S Policy and/or Code of Conduct] apply fully at tonight’s event. Copies of these policies can be accessed [insert where policies can be accessed].

Please familiarise yourself with these policies and be mindful of your obligations with respect to each of them. Note that alcohol consumption is no excuse for harassment, bullying or misconduct and is not an acceptable defence.

2. Drugs and Alcohol

We remind you that the use of illegal drugs and/or excessive consumption of alcohol is always prohibited during the Christmas Party. The Company reserves the right to require the venue to refuse service of alcohol to any member of staff who is, in the Company’s view, behaving inappropriately.

Food and drinks will be provided at the Christmas party including alcoholic beverages. If you choose to drink alcohol, please ensure that you drink responsibly, be respectful to others and have plenty to eat.

If you have any special dietary requirements in relation to food or drink, please let [insert contact name] know as soon as possible.

Alcohol service will cease at [insert time]. The function will cease at [insert time] and we expect the function room to be vacated by this time.

3. Transport

If you are drinking alcohol at the Christmas Party, you should not drive. As the location of the Christmas Party is close to public transport, you are expected to make your own arrangements for travel to and from the Christmas Party.


The Company has arranged a mini bus to transport people safely home from the Christmas Party. If you wish to be transported home by the mini bus after the party, please register with [insert contact name] who is coordinating this transport arrangement.

Naturally we want everyone to enjoy themselves; we also want everyone to arrive home safely. If you are thinking about having a drink or two, plan your transport home:

         Catch the mini bus home (if applicable)
         Share a taxi with friends
         Catch public transport
         Ride with a driver that hasn’t been drinking
         Arrange for a friend or relative to give you a lift

4. Contacts

If you have any concerns about the above points, become intoxicated, unwell or your transport arrangements fall through unexpectedly tonight, please don’t hesitate to ask for help by contacting one of the people listed below. You will be gladly assisted, including arrangement of safe transport home if necessary. Likewise, if you are concerned about the well-being, safety or behaviour of a colleague let one of the contact persons know so that appropriate assistance can be provided. The contact persons are:

[insert names of contact persons which should generally include some management and non-management employees]

We trust everyone will accept this communication in the right spirit by appreciating that the Company is committed to meet its legal and moral obligations of ensuring your safety and well being, not only in the workplace, but at work related functions also. None of the above should prevent us from having a great celebration and we look forward to everyone having a fantastic time tonight!

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