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Insurance disputes generally involve two parties, the Insurer and the Claimant. One generally a multi-national company, and the other more often than not, a person.

A Claimants’ Insurance Lawyer should have expertise in not only interpreting insurance policies and negotiating with insurance companies and their lawyers, but also in being able to understand people.

We are Claimants’ Insurance Lawyers. We understand how people can be adversely affected by injury, loss and damage, and we are experts in managing claims made by people against insurance companies.

We understand that we cannot undo what has already happened to you, but if you engage us to help you with your claim so you can move on with your life, we will want to understand fully your loss (be it injury, loss of income, loss of a loved one, loss of a business, loss of property, damage to property) and how your loss affects you.

At Turnbull Hill Lawyers, our team of Claimants’ Insurance Lawyers is committed to providing the highest standard of service.

We will:

  1. Keep you informed every step of the way throughout your Claim;
  2. Understand your Claim
  3. Undertake all necessary investigations to determine what you’re entitled to and provide an initial assessment of the strength of your Claim;
  4. If your Claim has merit, recommend a strategy (including evidence required) to progress your claim in a timely manner;
  5. Put you Claim together or further progress your Claim in accordance with your instructions;
  6. Negotiate with the Insurer in an effort to resolve your Claim as quickly as possible without the need to commence legal proceedings;
  7. If necessary, prosecute your Claim by way of legal proceedings in accordance with the Court’s time-table.

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