Neighbour Dispute

Before you start ripping up the carpets in your home unit, it pays to consult your Strata By-Laws, your Strata Manager and your neighbours.

What is yours to change is everything inside your unit that won’t impact upon the neighbours.


You may change the appearance of your walls if they cannot be seen from the street; changing the structure of your walls or anything that might impact upon insulation requires that you talk with your building manager or Executive Committee.

Floor coverings

In particular, you should note that there are often by-laws restricting a change in floor coverings from carpet to, for example, a floating timber floor unless adequate noise insulation is installed to protect the transmission of noise from your unit to the unit below.


In most instances your front door, balcony doors, windows and balconies are classified as part of Common Property. Unauthorised work on these areas can add up to heartache and prohibitive costs if owners have to reinstate their property to its original condition.

Consulting with your Owners Corporation, your Strata Manager or your solicitor on matters where Common Property is involved can help you reach a compromise and also learn the rules on permitted hours of work and access by tradespeople.

Not only will this save you money and heartache, but it will also help you be more amenable to your neighbours.

If you have any questions, please contact our Conveyancing & Property Law Team.

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