Gavin Hanrahan: Hi. My name is Gavin Hanrahan. I’m the Managing Partner of Turnbull Hill Lawyers. I’ve been an employer for almost 20 years and an industrial lawyer for almost 25 years. The two most important things an employer can have when managing employees is knowledge and the ability to know when to use it. From my experience, most employers know when they have an issue with an employee. That’s the time when you contact your lawyer. Your lawyer can then be apprised of the circumstances, bring you up to speed with your knowledge, and together you consider how quickly you need to act.

For example, you may have a worker who’s on workers’ compensation. Not able to work their usual job, but able to do light duties and you’re giving them light duties. But they’re being difficult at work. They’re not complying with your directions. A lot of employers believe they cannot terminate the employment of a worker on workers’ compensation.

Most employers would realise that’s an issue, and that’s the time when they should contact their lawyer who can then bring them up to speed with what their rights and obligations are. They may be pleasantly surprised to learn that they can require that employee to carry up their lawful instructions and also terminate their employment if they don’t do so.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, feel free to contact us here at Turnbull Hill Lawyers.

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