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This article is an extension of the previous article “3 main things to consider when choosing a Conveyancing Lawyer“.

1. Experience & Qualifications

  1. You’ll have an expert team with a proven track-record dealing with your sale or purchase with over 40 years experience (since 1969) and having handled more than 50,000 sales and purchases.
  2. You’ll have a specialised and dedicated conveyancing department that deals with sales and purchases only.
  3. Your council inspections, certificates and Government searches and enquiries will be obtained efficiently and quickly – and we don’t cut corners… so you’ll have no nagging worries.
  4. You won’t only get a conveyancing lawyer, you’ll get a whole team of dedicated professionals who really care about you and getting the best outcomes for you.

2. Location, Accessibility & Flexibility

  1. You’ll be able to contact us whenever you need to. Unlike many solicitors, the members of our Exceptional Conveyancing Team aren’t in court all day, we don’t close down for lunch and we are available all hours (24/7). We are reachable via phone, email and even Skype. You can contact us via whatever medium you feel comfortable with.
  2. Problems can occur throughout the conveyancing process that will require rapid-response legal expertise. You’ll save time, money and worry by using Turnbull Hill’s experts, who will solve any problems that arise.
  3. Turnbull Hill Lawyers has offices in Newcastle and on the Central Coast. We service all areas of NSW and regularly travel to the Central Coast and Sydney to assist clients with conveyancing matters.
  4. Our Exceptional Conveyancing Team prides itself on never missing a deadline and we are happy to work outside of our regular business hours if there is a deadline or if you are not able to meet with us during normal business hours (e.g. due to your work commitments).
  5. Unlike some conveyancing lawyers, we are flexible and willing to work to a schedule and timeframe that suits your requirements, not ours.

3. Accountability & Transparency

  1. Turnbull Hill Lawyers offers free conveyancing quotes. Simply click on the link, fill out the form and we will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.
  2. You will receive a completely transparent quote and if you have any further questions, a member of our exceptional Conveyancing Team will be happy to answer them.
  3. Over the years we have received hundreds of positive testimonials from satisfied clients. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible conveyancing service to all our clients.

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