We are unique in that we have both Legal and HR professionals in Sydney, with extensive business experience, who combine their expertise to come up with legally compliant, practical and commercially sound solutions.

Employment Lawyers Sydney

Employment Law Services for Employers & Employees

Our Employment Law Team offers a wide range of employment law services to employers and employees right across greater Sydney.

Employers / Business Owners

We’ve been helping businesses in Sydney prosper through a productive and motivated workforce since 1969. We believe your employees are your most valuable, rewarding and productive business asset, if managed properly, or a source of much frustration and loss to the business if not. Our goal is to help ensure your business is running smoothly by putting the right people and performance management practices in place. We want you to be focused on sustaining profitability and operational priorities, rather than being forced to deal with time consuming employee grievances or being distracted by unmotivated or disgruntled employees.

Like an anchor, an uncommitted and unhappy workforce can be quite costly for a business and even prohibitive in terms of your business achieving it’s full and true potential.

This is where our team of Sydney Employment Lawyers can help. We work closely with our business clients with the aim to develop a long-term relationship and provide them with proven and effective employment strategies.

If you are the owner or manager of a business in Sydney, contact our Employment Law Team for a confidential consultation over the phone.


We’ve been helping employees overcome legal hurdles since 1969. Our Employment Law Team has assisted thousands of employees in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Unfair Dismissal Claims
  • Guidance through a workplace investigation
  • Providing advice on an employment contract or Deed of Release
  • Providing advice on workplace bullying and harassment
  • Providing advice on entitlements, rights and changes to the law
  • Providing advice on redundancy / reviewing a redundancy package
  • Employment Dispute Resolution / Industrial Relations Disputes

If you are en employee in Sydney and you require advice, contact our Employment Law Team for a confidential consultation over the phone.

Sydney Locations

We assist employers and employees right across NSW. While we do the bulk of our employment law work remotely, we have Sydney offices at:

  • Level 8, 65 York Street, Sydney CBD – (02) 4904 8000

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