Warwick Gilbertson: Can you make your will or update your will during COVID-19?

Hi, I’m Warwick Gilbertson, a solicitor at Turnbull Hill Lawyers who specialises in wills and estates.

Yes, you can make a will and you can update your will during COVID-19. There are two ways in which you can make your will.

You can do it in the traditional way, where you talk to us by via phone or video conferencing. We prepare the will, we take you through the steps in regard to your will. We provide you with a copy of your will in a draft form by email and then you make arrangements to come into our office and sign the will where we make sure that all the necessary hygiene and social distancing regimes are in place to protect you and to protect us.

Also, since the 22nd of April, in New South Wales, you can now make a will remotely using video conferencing like Zoom, Skype, or similar forms of conferencing. How you do that is again you talk to us going through your will using phone or video conferencing. We provide that will to you. You then arrange a time with us where we video conference you, and together, myself as a solicitor and the witness that I will have with me will take you through your will. You sign it in the comfort and protection of your own home or where you are at the time and we witness you doing that.

Then, at the same time, on a copy of the will that we hold here, we sign as well as your witnesses. Then you send your copy will to us, we put the two together and you have your will. You are able to do that now for a period of six months under the changes of the law that the New South Wales government has brought in with COVID-19.

Should you wish to participate, should you wish to change your will, contact us at Turnbull Hill Lawyers. We can assist you. We know how to take you through those technicalities.

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