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On 25 February 2014, Minister for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay released a media statement confirming that from 1 July 2014 fully licensed motorcycle riders will be permitted to lane filter in an attempt to ease traffic congestion and improve safety for motorcyclists.

Lane filtering is the practise whereby motorcyclists are allowed to filter between stopped cars at intersections.

Minister Gay stated:

“The NSW Government is releasing common sense solutions to key issues for motorcyclists while maintaining road safety for other road users last year we held a successful trial in Sydney CBD last year of motorcyclists being exempt from existing lane filtering laws in an attempt to ease road congestion and measure potential safety issues for other road users as a result of the trial we will introduce a new law that will permit fully licenced motorcyclists to legally filter past stationary vehicles at intersections when it is safe to do so”.

Riders will be able to filter up to a speed limit of 30km/h but only when safe to do so. Filtering will not be allowed between moving traffic, in the kerbside lane (adjacent to a pedestrian path), in a breakdown lane, or next to trucks and/or buses.

The new laws will not apply to school zones during hours of operation where there might be an increase in pedestrian activity. Filtering will not be permitted by Learner or Provisional riders.

Filtering over the speed limit of 30km/h will become its own specific offence.

The benefits of Lane Filtering have been internationally recognised as a solution to traffic congestion in built up areas and will assist in relieving congestion issues on NSW’s major and minor routes thereby assisting drivers with their daily commutes. For riders lane filtering reduces the risk of riders being subject to rear end collisions. Drivers are urged to watch both their mirrors and be aware of riders filtering through the traffic.

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