What happens to superannuation after a couple separates?
      Photo ID and Increased Penalties for Cyclists
      Does going to prison reduce the risk of reoffending when compared with a suspended sentence?
      New Child Support Smart Mobile Phone App
      Committed Centrelink fraud or know someone that has?
      To be effective, statutory demands require strict compliance with the Corporations Act
      What is a catastrophic injury claim?
      Have New South Wales criminal courts become more lenient in the past 20 years?
      Can I terminate an employee on long term sick leave?
      Why you should sort out your property settlement sooner rather than later
      New Smoking Laws Commence 6th July 2015
      Builder Dispute Resolution Process
      When can my child decide where they want to live?
      What is the Comcare Scheme for workers compensation?
      When is there a "transfer of business"...and why do I need to know...?
      Everything you need to know about cease and desist letters
      What is a letter of demand and when do I send it?
      Don't sit on a S459G statutory lose negotiating leverage and could lose your company
      Internet Piracy: The Dallas Buyers Club Case is Over
      Want to buy another property but don't have a 10 percent deposit?
      What is Spousal Maintenance? Are you entitled to Spousal Maintenance?
      Woman injured by an unidentified motor vehicle suffers over $500,000 worth of losses
      What is a void marriage?
      Are you striving to achieve gender equality in your workplace, but the laws are holding you back?
      What is parental alienation?
      Seven important considerations for you if you are contemplating purchasing an Investment Property
      Overservicing by dentist amounted to an assault, not mere negligence
      Do I have to allow an employee to record a disciplinary meeting?
      The Use of Blood Tests in Drink Driving (PCA) Offences
      In Australia only a man and woman can marry, but what is the definition of a man?
      What happens if my Power of Attorney abuses that power?
      One brain snap doesn't mean you aren't entitled to compensation
      Publishing derogatory comments about your ex on social media may harm your parenting case
      How to stop your ex-partner from having a second bite of the cherry!
      Are you fleeing from domestic violence?
      Is unfriending a work colleague on Facebook actually workplace bullying?
      Changes to Workers Compensation law effective 16 October 2015
      Real Estate Agents now prohibited from "underquoting" prices...
      Post-Separation Earnings Are Included in a Property Settlement - So don't delay!
      Drug Offences: The difference between small, traffickable and indictable quantities
      Drinking & Driving During the Holidays: Risks & reminders to ensure you have a safe holiday season
      Sham contracts (Employee v Contractor) and a recent High Court decision
      It is now illegal to smoke electronic cigarettes whilst children are in the car
      Travelling over the holidays? Remember to ensure your Estate Planning documents are in order
      Turnbull Hill Lawyers adds to specialist services in Wills & Estates
      Drivers must give bicycle riders at least a metre of space
      When does a smack go beyond reasonable discipline...and become an assault at law?
      Everything you need to know about medico-legal liability reports for medical negligence claims
      Why is due diligence doubly important when buying a franchise?
      A Redundancy Payment is Property and Can Be Divided in a Property Settlement
      Why should I require security if I'm a landlord and leasing my commercial or retail premises?
      Making a dismissal appear fair may not cure earlier defects... a warning for employers
      Relocation, Recovery Orders and the Court
      Have you settled a dispute? If so, it should be documented to avoid future disputes!
      Transgender Children and the Family Court
      What is self-defence?
      Applying for a reconsideration of Comcare's decision to decline liability for your claim
      If U Don't Make A Will Like Prince, Who Will It All Go 2?
      A recent Comcare claim Reconsideration and Appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
      What is a section 32 application? - Under the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990
      Know Your Rights in NSW
      How is testamentary capacity determined when making a Will
      Buying, selling or leasing a property with a Swimming Pool after 29 April 2016
      Can my former spouse take my super?
      Court finds that the prongs of a pallet jack created a foreseeable risk of injury to customer
      Man not wearing seat belt has his $1.5 million payout reduced by 25% for contributory negligence
      Cyber harassment, cyber stalking and cyber bullying: the offences and penalties
      The power of a handwritten note or video recording when drafting a Will
      How do you find a loved one's will?
      Pok on Go, but don't go too far and trespass on private land
      How do I minimise the risk of a signature (electronic or otherwise) not being authentic?
      Changes to Annual Leave Provisions in some modern awards
      An important ruling regarding a de facto spouse and superannuation death benefits
      If you are going to claim unfair dismissal, make sure you do so within 21 days of your termination
      If you are restructuring your business and making a position redundant
      Recording your ex at changeover
      Drinking and Boating: The Rules You Need to Know
      Loans to Children - The riskiest loans of all?
      Can I get out of a Contract to purchase a business... and if so, at what cost?
      Can you protect your business from employees taking its goodwill?
      If I move out, does my ex get to keep the house?
      What if you separate and one person refuses to move out?
      Small business owners could benefit from the recent changes made to unfair contract laws
      Capital Gains Tax and Family Law Property Settlements
      Misconception about workers' rights to make a "journey claim"
      Alcohol Related Offences and Penalties: Important Information For The Holiday Season
      The laws relating to AVOs will change on 3 December 2016
      How Formalising Your Property Settlement Can Save You Thousands Through Stamp Duty Exemptions
      How can a Willmaker protect their wishes if their capacity is in question?
      Document employee promotions correctly or you may expose a "sting in the tail"
      P2 license holders can no longer use mobile phones under any circumstances while driving
      How to get the property you want in a hot property market
      Can you terminate an employee for being overweight?
      How does a Court determine how separated parents spend time with their children post separation?
      Capital Gains Tax Rollover Relief: A benefit for some, a potential liability for others!
      Not all relationships are de facto relationships
      How do I get to see my grandchildren?
      Constructing your license agreement to meet your needs
      Should Commercial Surrogacy in Australia be de-criminalised?
      Is my former partner entitled to some of my inheritance?
      7 Hot Tips for Buying Property Off the Plan
      Big Risks if No Surveyor's Report
      Easter & Anzac Day: Double Demerits and a reminder about Drink Driving Penalties
      The dangers of homemade Wills
      How does the 2017 Budget affect the family law Courts?
      Significant Changes Are Proposed to Criminal Law Sentencing & Offender Supervision
      A step by step guide to obtaining a separation agreement
      What happens when you burn down your house during a separation to avoid transferring it to your ex?
      If you're involved in a dispute about building work, the CTTT can provide ways of resolving disputes
      A helpful tip if you are intending to build
      Some contract basics for people involved in the building industry
      Selling a business...the bottom line
      Points to consider when selling your business
      Don't let your customer's Purchase Order set your terms of trade...
      Looking to start or buy into a franchise? Your Simple 6 Step Guide
      Sell My Business - Always have your business ready for sale!
      The Australian Business Register (ABR) Has Been Upgraded
      The Dangers of Outsourcing your Social Media
      It'll be right mate: going into business with friends and family...
      Capital Gains Tax (CGT): Timing is everything for a seller
      Small businesses need to monitor cash flow at Christmas
      Commercial Leases: Understanding the basics
      Purchasing a Business: Important Things You Need to Know
      Is your business ready for the new Privacy Act changes?
      In 2014 franchisors are now being targeted by the ACCC
      Some tips to help resolve Franchise Disputes quickly and as cost effectively as possible
      Australian Consumer Law provides protection for businesses, not just your typical consumer
      Franchise Disclosure Documents: Everything You Need to Know
      5 things prospective franchisees should consider when reviewing a Franchise Disclosure Document
      What is a Heads of Agreement and are they legally binding?
      Licencing your trademark may cause an expensive problem... if you have REALLY created a franchise
      How your family business can most easily be put at risk by non-trading issues
      Clubs/Organisations may not be liable for Back Rates levied by Councils
      Supply Contracts and Terms of Trade
      Commercial Leases - Get Them in Writing
      A caveatable interest can be created by an Agreement containing the property owner's consent
      Five reasons why your product planning needs to cover legal risks...
      Contract of Sale: Preserving 'Retention of Title' Rights Over Products Sold On Credit
      Social Media Policy ...Something Old, Something New
      Business Contracts: The Devil is in the Details
      Commercial Leases in NSW: Common Questions & Answers
      Converting an Incorporated Association into a Company Limited by Guarantee
      Are you considering buying a franchise or franchising your business
      What types of deadlock clauses are used in Shareholder Agreements?
      You're in business with others...if it all stops going well, are your options clear?
      The most important provision of a shareholders' agreement is the exit provision
      Do you need a shareholders agreement?
      Indemnity: Signing Away Your Rights!
      Successful challenge to Unjust Mortgage
      It depends on what you say - not what you mean
      Directors' responsibilities for payment of company tax
      If you want to get paid for your work or products, you need to know exactly who your customers are
      What do I need to include in an effective restraint of trade clause in an employment contract..?
      Directors in Troubled Times: Notes for Company Directors
      New Laws to secure debts due to you - are you ready?
      Preventing the preventable and preserving your insurance cover
      Patent Law: Can my invention be Patented?
      How duplication on the internet increases your legal risk...
      Personal Property Securities Act 2009 - 6 Things You Should Know!
      Some steps you can take to assist with the management of cash flow and debt collection
      Copyright Law in Australia - 9 Facts You Should Know!
      What you need to know about the NSW Government's new construction guidelines
      Intellectual Property in Australia: Explained
      Go-Lo is gone: 3 lessons for business owners
      Spotlight firmly on insolvency in construction industry
      Insolvency Law Update
      ITSA Provides 4 Focus Points For Insolvency Compliance Strategy 2012-2013
      For those involved in the Building and Construction Industry ... how to ensure you get paid ...
      Safeguard Your Business from Loss in 2015
      Avoid risk! There are new insurance requirements for licensed agents commencing 1 July 2013...
      The Claimants' Insurance Lawyer should understand the Claimant, their loss & how it affects them...
      Injuries caused by use of your farm machinery...who's liable?
      Effective Exclusion Clauses in Commercial Contracts: 2 Lessons for Business Owners
      The Statutory Warranties Available Under The Home Building Act, 1989
      One Good Reason Why You Should Use Competent Professional Advice in Debt Management
      Protecting Your Valuable Intellectual Property (IP)
      To tweet or not to tweet: 5 things you should know about Australian defamation laws
      10 Ways Business Owners Can Improve Their Debt Recovery Processes
      Can I serve legal documents online using cloud technology?
      Seeds Blowing in the Wind: The GM Canola Case Explored (Part 2)
      Seeds Blowing in the Wind: The GM Canola Case Explored (Part 1)
      Defamation: How much could defamatory comments on social media cost me?
      Unfair Preferences: How a liquidator can claw back payments from creditors
      Internet Piracy: Dallas Buyers Club LLC
      Court directs Contested Wills traffic to the Express Lane
      Lawyers practising in deceased estate disputes risk losing money if they don't comply with new rules
      $732,133.76 reasons why an Executor should obtain the best legal advice...
      Banking inactivity can eliminate an estate
      How to Avoid Estate Litigation
      Renovating your home unit contrary to the Strata By-Laws can be costly...
      Buying Residential Property at Auction
      Mortgage Sales - Lenders Have New Duties
      3 main things to consider when choosing a conveyancing lawyer in NSW
      15 powerful reasons to choose Turnbull Hill Lawyers to take the stress out of your conveyancing...
      Issues Between Neighbours
      Conveyancing - Are you eligible for a grant?
      Landlords Beware: You're Responsible for Reasonably Foreseeable Risks!
      Selling? What about accepting a deposit of less than 10%?
      Structuring Your Purchase
      Know your rights
      Do the Police have right to search my home...?
      Truck operators need to be aware that there are big fines for overloading
      New Alcohol Interlock Laws Commencing 1 February 2015
      Traffic Law - Common Offences and Penalties
      What is a habitual traffic offender declaration and can it be overturned
      The Pros and Cons of Electing Trial
      Can You be Found Guilty With No Conviction Recorded?
      Will you still have a 'Right to Silence'?
      When can a police officer search you?
      Have you been named as a defendant in an application for an AVO?
      Changes to the NSW Road Rules & Traffic Laws
      When are you actually "driving" a motor vehicle?
      Christmas is a time to be extra careful on the road
      Rego labels are no longer required in NSW
      Important Changes to Your Rights in Criminal Matters
      Do I need a lawyer? Statistics suggest they will more than double your chances of success
      16 criminal offences that you may not be aware of in NSW
      Jury Duty - A Guide For Potential Jurors
      Driving Under the Influence of Illicit Drugs (DUI)
      Proposed New Laws Relating to Alcohol Related Violence
      Police Powers to Search You, Your Car or Your Home
      Carrying Bicycles & Motor Vehicles
      Lane Filtering Legalised for Motorcyclists From 1 July 2014
      Character References: Everything You Need to Know
      License Suspension Appeals to the Local Court
      Spent Convictions and an Individual's Criminal History
      Applying for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)
      Drink Driving in NSW - Everything you need to know!
      Increased Traffic Offence Penalties Commencing 1 February 2015
      Revenge Porn - The Law in NSW
      An Australian security guard escapes gaol time by blaming his stalking behaviour on Bollywood
      Can a child be sentenced and tried as an adult?
      Can the police deregister and confiscate your car? What does the law say?
      The 4th of the National Employment Standards - Annual Leave
      Reasonable Additional Hours
      The right to request flexible work arrangements - the second of the National Employment Standards
      The 3rd National Employment Standard ... the right to unpaid parental leave
      Personal/carer's leave - the 5th of the National Employment Standards
      Some guidance on what is acceptable alternative employment
      Employers need to get ready for the new National Employee Standards
      The first of the 10th National Employment Standards - the 38 hour week
      The 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th National Employment Standards
      Employer fairly dismissed an employee who did not respond to reasonable requests...
      Distinguishing Independent Contractors from Employees
      Transitional Provisions in Modern Awards
      Transitional Provisions in Modern Awards ("Phasing" Penalty Rates)
      Summary - Parental Leave Pay under the new Paid Parental Leave Scheme
      Information for employers - paid Parental Scheme which will commence at the beginning of next year
      Employer makes a $1.4 million mistake by failing to follow due process
      6 Things You Can Do To Improve Employee Attendance
      You may want to remind your staff about what is acceptable behaviour at the Christmas Party...
      Paid Parental Leave...don't forget to register!
      Sole Traders, Partnerships & Non Trading Corporations in NSW are now covered by modern awards
      Complimentary briefing on your obligations under the Fair Work Act
      Employees are entitled to change their leave from annual to sick leave...
      Reminder: the Paid Parental Leave scheme has started...
      Many employers are still getting it wrong when it comes to paying their employees correctly...
      How can workplace bullying impact my business
      Safe Work Australia - Releases New Fact Sheets
      Can I Eliminate Award Coverage If I Pay My Employees Above Award Wages
      Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
      If I pay my employees above-award rates, do I still have to pay penalties ...
      Fair Work Australia & New Changes to Modern Award Rates
      GPS Tracking in work vehicles: Make sure it's legal!
      Meal Breaks for Award Employees
      Redundancy Selection Process Irrelevant in Determining the Fairness of Dismissal
      Resign or be fired?
      Dad and Partner Pay (DAPP)
      How can the Paid Parental Leave scheme help employers?
      Protecting High Income Employees by Providing a Guarantee of Annual Earnings
      Why Employers Need a Social Media Policy
      Misconduct at Work Can Lead to a Summary Dismissal
      Accountancy Firm Slugged Over $26,000 for Unlawful Termination
      The Fair Work Ombudsman launches another pregnancy discrimination case...
      Refusing an Employee Request for Flexible Work Arrangements
      Achieving a high-performance culture in your business
      10 Rules for Executives to Follow When Confronted with a Disciplinary Meeting
      Accountancy firm discriminated against an employee suffering from depression
      Changes to unfair dismissal laws in 2013
      Workplace Investigations: Internal Vs External
      The Unfair Dismissal High Income Threshold Explained
      Workplace Bullying: The new proposed laws and what they could mean for employers...
      The FWC clarifies the meaning of "Casual Employment" and "Casual Employee"
      Unfair Dismissal Maximum Compensation Explained
      As an employer you could be liable for the sexually harassing behaviour of a contractor
      What constitutes a family emergency when giving employees' carer's leave?
      What are the new workplace bullying laws in 2014?
      How should employees give notice when they are sick?
      How should you deal with one of your employees whom you suspect is stealing from you?
      Illegal Tree Removal and Destruction - A "Growing" Issue
      Avoid the wreckage...
      Having a Will which saves tax
      Trying to fairly look after people in your Will it pays to really understand what you do & don't own
      Your Will should be drafted by a solicitor who specialises in estate planning...
      An Estate Planning and Complex Wills specialist can make sure your Will is fair
      Taking short cuts does not achieve a good Will...
      Fairness and equality in your Will requires a lot of thought and a well crafted document
      Partnership & shareholder agreements should help business owners & their families avoid arguments...
      Parents of disabled children can NOW put in place PROTECTIVE TRUSTS...
      Superannuation Contributions 2013
      Self Managed Superannuation Fund - The Trustee Basics
      Inheritance Planning: 10 Things to Consider
      Who is your child's Guardian?
      Don't Leave Your Child's Guardian Out of Pocket
      Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA): Why it's vital to seek advice from a lawyer who is a specialist
      Estate Planning and Enduring Powers of Attorney: what can your attorney really do?
      How Much Power Have You Given to Your Attorney?
      Remember Brett Whiteley? Great artist but a terrible "would-be-lawyer"
      The Effect of Relationships on Asset Retention
      The NSW Children's Court
      Moving with the Children
      Are you considering entering into a new relationship and have some concerns about your finances?
      You can now register your defacto relationship with the Office of Births, Deaths & Marriages...
      Lump sum contributions in property settlements...
      Intervening in a Child's life - Starting a Proceeding in the NSW Children's Court
      The role of Family Reports in Family Law matters...
      Will the Family Court Order that a child must be immunised?
      A Child's Attachment to Temporary Carers...a Legal Conundrum
      Can I change my child's surname after separation?
      Changing Parental Responsibility following Final Orders in the Children's Court...
      Parentified Children...Neglect or Abuse?
      Property Settlements: Value of Assets & Debts - What is the relevant date?
      Property Settlement: How to Save Money on Legal Costs
      Family Violence: New Amendments to the Family Law Act
      Abortion & Pregnancy Termination - Who has jurisdiction?
      World 1st: Australian Judge Defines Conception
      What is a Prenup?
      International Child Abduction and the Hague Convention
      Property settlement and contributions after a long marriage ends
      Federal Magistrates Court of Australia changes name to Federal Circuit Court of Australia
      Court Proceedings for Parenting Orders and the Need for Family Dispute Resolution
      Completing the Financial Statement
      Lottery Winnings & Property Settlements - Who gets the winnings?
      How does the possibility of a future inheritance affect a property settlement?
      Property Settlement & Superannuation
      Legal Recognition of Same Sex Couples
      Doing a deal with your ex-spouse has just been made a whole lot more taxing
      Don't leave it till the last minute. Divorce before you's the law
      When couples separate, they often have the problem... how do we pay the mortgage?
      Paternity Disputes in the Family Court
      Is there an automatic right to family law property settlement after a long relationship?
      When is it necessary to provide first aid or medical treatment?
      Why conventional insurance is occurrence-based
      Some pitfalls affecting 'claims made' liability insurance...
      Back to basics for insurers in Australia 'general rules of construction' apply
      Don't become the victim of an insurer "Doctor Shopping"
      What Can You Do If Employees Make a Workers' Compensation Claim When Being Counselled...
      Disabled Boy Settles Case Against Private Hospital
      Worker denied compo by AAT for falling from a stretcher
      When a "punch up" at work is in the course of employment...
      Wrist injury claim allowed, despite being unreported and exaggerated...
      NSW Worker wins bid to sue mining company over car crash
      Newcastle roofing company fined $100,000 after employee falls through a roof
      Coles must pay the following failed appeal
      Occupier of retail shop not liable for the actions of a "suspected fraudster"
      Medical Negligence Claims - What do I do?
      How long should it take to settle my personal injury claim?
      Workers in NSW have a $481,950 reason to have a Will
      Changes to the Law of Intestacy
      What happens to my Superannuation when I die?
      What are an Executor's Duties?
      Importance of giving your Attorney a copy of your Will...
      If you do not nominate a beneficiary to receive the proceeds of your life insurance...
      Do you know the effect of divorce or marriage on your Will...
      What happens to real property upon death, when it is owned with another person?
      Do you know the difference between a Power of Attorney & an Enduring Guardian?
      8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Will
      Unsigned Wills - When Intention is Everything
      Who is included in a gift to your "children" in your Will?
      What if I don't want my children to receive a share of my estate until they reach a certain age?
      Company Power of Attorney
      Estrangement: What does it mean in the law of succession in New South Wales?
      A Will is NOT "One Size Fits All"
      Changes to Powers of Attorney
      Court Authorised Wills
      Cremation and organ donation... does your family know your wishes?
      Granny Flats
      Will Centrelink view using assets from a deceased estate to pay off a mortgage as a gift?

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What happens when you burn down your house during a separation to avoid transferring it to your ex?

What happens when you burn down your property during a property settlement to avoid transferring it to your former partner? When fire fighters attended upon a property in Wollongong in the early hours of 4 August 2016 they discovered that the owner was sitting with his dog calmly watching his house going up in flames. Mr Krste Kovaces...

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A step by step guide to obtaining a separation agreement

A step by step guide to obtaining a separation agreement from Turnbull Hill Lawyers A separation agreement (known as a binding financial agreement (or BFA) under the Family Law Act) is a legally binding document that formalises your property settlement. As a separation agreement is legally binding, each party must carefully co...

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Significant Changes Are Proposed to Criminal Law Sentencing & Offender Supervision

On 9 May 2017, the NSW Governments announced a series of significant justice reforms that aim to deliver justice more quickly to communities and victims, strengthen sentencing options and ensure offenders are rigorously supervised when serving community orders. Sentencing Reform It has been proposed that: Suspended sentenc...

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How does the 2017 Budget affect the family law Courts?

The government has made several announcements that will affect the family law system in the 2017 budget. These include a new initiative to help resolve disputes, additional family law consultants, and a trial of domestic violence units. The Australian Law Reform Commission has been asked to conduct a comprehensive review of the family law sys...

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7 Hot Tips for Buying Property Off the Plan

7 Hot Tips for Buying Property Off the Plan from Turnbull Hill Lawyers 1. Lock in the right price by doing market research When you buy property 'off the plan' you are purchasing it many months, sometimes years, in advance before construction has been completed sometimes even before construction has started. For this r...

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