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Family & De Facto Law

Our Family Law Team, led by Matthew Carney, specialises in all family law matters, including: arrangements for children, divorce, child support, spousal maintenance, property settlement agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements), de facto matters, family violence and domestic violence.

We understand these matters are some of the most stressful situations you will ever encounter in your lifetime. How you cope with them and move on will depend on a number of factors, which is why having experienced, compassionate and caring legal assistance is critical.

Call our Family Law Team now on 1800 994 279 or email us.

Property Settlement

Property Settlement can be a complex and difficult area of law. There are a number of factors that can influence and determine the outcome in a property settlement matter. Due to the complexities involved, it's vital you seek assistance from an experienced legal team who has a proven track record of delivering favourable outcomes for their clients.

Our team specialises in helping clients reach an early agreement by negotiating a settlement. If an agreement cannot be reached, for any reason, and the matter has to go to Court, we have the experience and knowledge required to achieve a favourable outcome for you. For stress-free property settlement, call us today.

Call our Property Settlement Team now on 1800 994 279 or email us.

Conveyancing & Property Law

Our Exceptional Conveyancing & Property Law Team, led by Accredited Property Law Specialist John Teague, has extensive experience in all types of conveyancing matters and all types of Title. Since 1969, we've looked after over 26,400 people just like you and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of service.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver to you the highest standard of service that we offer you a risk-free written money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our service, we'll refund to you every cent of our professional fees. We also offer a free conveyancing quote service (just click the link).

Call our Conveyancing & Property Team now: 1800 994 279 or email us.

Contested Wills

Have you been treated unfairly? If so, please know that you are not alone and we can help you get the justice you rightly deserve. Our Contested Wills Team, led by Accredited Family Law Specialist Warwick Gilbertson, has been acting for the people of NSW in disputed Will cases since 1969.

If you've been cut out of a Will completely, or given an unreasonable share in an Estate, contact us today and relax knowing you've got a fighter in your corner that will do everything it takes to resolve the matter and achieve a favourable outcome for you. If you want correct advice from a professional team who are willing to take the time to understand your situation, call us now.

Call our Contested Wills Team now on 1800 994 279 or email us.

Wills & Estates

We understand this is one area of law that affects everyone at some stage during their lifetime. Unfortunately, we just don't know when. When the time comes it is reassuring to know you have in place the relevant documentation which will ensure either the management of your assets, decisions regarding your health and welfare or the administration of your estate are dealt with properly and in accordance with your wishes.

Our Wills & Estates Team, led by Warwick Gilbertson, has extensive experience in this area of law. Our Team can provide advice in relation to and/or assist you with the drafting of Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardianship documents. We can also assist you with Applications for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and General Estate Administration. Our team will assist you, and your family members, in an efficient, effective and friendly manner. Call us today!

Call our Wills & Estates Team now on 1800 994 279 or email us.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just making a plan to distribute certain assets to certain people. Estate planning is about building a relationship. We need to understand you, your family and your business relationships in order to be able to build the correct estate plan for you. Estate planning is not about documents, although certainly a number of documents are generated as a result of the estate planning process. Depending on your circumstances these may include wills with executor and/or beneficiary controlled testamentary trusts, or protective trusts for your disabled or vulnerable children, establish or amend your discretionary trust deed, establish, review or amend your self managed superannuation funds, making adjustments for superannuation lump sums and pensions.

Our passion for estate planning has seen the creation of many varied estate plans from those for the young family through to retirees who have sold their business or retired from their employment. We create the estate plan that 'protects your assets now and for generations to come'. Our estate planners have many years experience in the complex inter-disciplinary areas of law require for estate planning: taxation matters, state revenue, stamp duty issues, superannuation law and administration, trust law, Wills & Estates law, Elder law, asset protection, business succession law, Bankruptcy & Insolvency law and Family & De Facto law.

Call our Estate Planning Team now on 1800 994 279 or email us.

Deceased Estates

Acting as an executor of an estate can be a stressful and daunting experience. Most people who are appointed as an executor have little or no experience with the role and find the legal process complex and confusing. To make matters worse, the executor is usually grieving and feeling emotionally vulnerable after the loss of the family member. This is why our team is dedicated to guiding you gently and expertly through the process so that the experience is as stress-free as possible.

Our Deceased Estates Team has been assisting executors and administrators of estates since 1969. Our aim is to take the worry out of the legal process. We help the executor gather all the relevant information regarding the deceased's assets and liabilities and prepare the necessary court documents. Once probate has been granted, we call-in the deceased's assets. Sometimes this means selling a home. We can guide the executor through this process as well. We then ensure that the deceased's debts are paid in the proper order and advise generally regarding any tax liabilities. Once all debts, testamentary, funeral and administrative expenses have been paid, we arrange for the distribution of the estate in accordance with the Will.

Call our Deceased Estates now on 1800 994 279 or email us.

Criminal Law

Our local Criminal Law Team, led by Matthew Carney, has been defending the people of Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Newcastle and wider Hunter region since 1969. Our goal is to get the best result for you, as quickly as possible, with minimum fuss, and all at the right cost.

We will treat you like a real person, not a number, and as such we will take the time to understand your unique situation and always offer you a tailored and personalised strategy when handling your matter. When your future is at stake, it's not a time to experiment, shop around or take risks. You need a Criminal Lawyer with a proven track record and the experience required to achieve a favourable outcome. Call us today to discuss your situation!

Call our Criminal Law Team now on 1800 994 279 or email us.


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