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Gavin Hanrahan - Business Lawyer in NSW

Gavin Hanrahan - Profile

Gavin Hanrahan is the Managing Partner of Turnbull Hill Lawyers and the Partner-in-Charge of our Business, Commercial & Workplace Team. He advises clients on a broad range of business, workplace and HR issues, ranging from employment contracts to risk management.

As one of the leading business lawyers in NSW, Gavin speaks to local business owners every day and understands both the needs and difficulties of launching, managing and growing a business. Our clients appreciate his practical, personal and solutions-orientated approach and his ability to respond to legal issues that are currently impacting businesses all over NSW.

Call Gavin now on 1800 994 279 or email.

John Teague - Conveyancing Lawyer in NSW

John Teague - Profile

John Teague is the Partner-in-Charge of our Exceptional Conveyancing Team and an Accredited Property Law Specialist. He has been practising as a conveyancing lawyer since 1978 and maintains a reputation within the industry as one of NSW's leading conveyancing experts.

For over 40 years John has helped thousands of clients across NSW buy and sell property. Throughout this time he has encountered and handled every possible type of conveyancing matter, from complex commercial property transactions to first home buyers, and is now one of a select handful of conveyancing lawyers in NSW capable of being so confident in his team's ability to offer clients a '100% Money Back Guarantee' on his service.

Call John now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Warwick Gilbertson - Wills & Estates Lawyer in NSW

Warwick Gilbertson - Profile

Warwick Gilbertson is the Partner-in-Charge of our Wills & Estates Team and Contested Wills & Estates Team. He is also an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Over 33 years of experience has seen Warwick become a sought after advisor regarding Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship, Testamentary Trusts, Companies, Superannuation Funds, Business entities and the claims that can be made upon them.

As a person who cares greatly about others it comes as no surprise that Warwick and his teams commit themselves daily to protecting families and other stakeholders. One way they achieve this is by structuring a client's existing and future wealth in a way that minimises risk. Clients with a range of business interests and personal assets find this service a vital component of their broader planning and risk management strategies.

Call Warwick now on 1800 994 279 or email.


Adrian Corbould - Contested Wills Lawyer in NSW

Adrian Corbould - Profile

Adrian Corbould is a Lawyer in our Contested Wills & Estates Team, alongside Warwick Gilbertson. Over the last 10 years he has helped hundreds of clients achieve fair provision from Deceased Estates. His tenacity and experience make him one of the most sought after Will Contest Lawyers in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD) and Victoria (VIC).

Adrian has extensive experience in Will Disputes, Contested Wills, Challenged Wills, Family Provision Claims and Estate Disputes in the Equity and Probate Divisions of the Supreme Court. This includes claims for equitable relief and all matters related to the Succession Act 2006.

Call Adrian now on 1800 994 279 email.

Alira Muchiri - Conveyancing & Business Lawyer in NSW

Alira Muchiri - Profile

Alira Muchiri is a Lawyer in our Exceptional Conveyancing Team, alongside John Teague, and the Business Team, alongside Gavin Hanrahan. Since being admitted as a solicitor in 2009, she has worked primarily in the fields of Property Law, Commercial Litigation, Deceased Estates and Wills & Estates Law.

Alira prides herself on delivering exceptional outcomes, communicating openly with her clients and ensuring all conveyances go as smoothly as possible. Her passion for pleasing clients shines through in every matter she handles, making her a valued asset to Turnbull Hill Lawyers.

Call Alira now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Allysha Merrett - Family & Criminal Lawyer in NSW

Allysha Merrett - Profile

Allysha-Jane Merrett is a Lawyer who is a member of both our Family & De Facto Law team and Criminal Law team. Allysha is highly approachable and provides support and advice to clients in relation to their Family Law matter. Allysha has a background in Family Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Social Sciences. Such knowledge enables her to provide practical legal advice in accordance with the needs of each individual client's family.

Allysha practices at all Court levels and advocates strongly for clients. Allysha understands the stress of Court proceedings for litigants and ensures that client's obtain the best possible outcome.

Call Allysha now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Candice Bell - Family Lawyer in NSW

Candice Bell - Profile

Candice Bell has spent over 10 years working in Family Law, including time as a Judge's Associate, and was admitted in January 2016. She brings a wealth of experience and a passion to help clients overcome difficult situations to the Family & De Facto Law team at Turnbull Hill Lawyers.

Candice's experience, both at the Family Court and in private practice, has given her a good foundational knowledge of parenting, divorce and property settlement matters. She uses this knowledge to assist clients who are located right across NSW.

Call Candice now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Jack Lindgren

Jack Lindgren - Profile

Jack Lindgren is a Litigation Lawyer in our Business & Commercial Team. Jack advises on a broad range of commercial disputes including building and construction law, debt recoverydefamation law, insurance law and general contract disputes.

With a background in electrical engineering, Jack is able to understand both simple and technical issues at the heart of a dispute to provide timely, considered and strategic advice, and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Call Jack now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Jacklyn Dooley Personal Injury Lawyer NSW

Jacklyn Dooley - Profile

Jacklyn is a member of the litigation team, specialising in personal injury. She assists Gavin Hanrahan with motor vehicle accident, medical negligence, general personal injury and workers compensation cases.

She approaches her work with enthusiasm and believes that it is an important aspect of her work to build a working relationship with clients. Often times her work involves emotionally distressing situations for clients, and she strives to bring an understanding to her work as well as legal knowledge.

Call Jacklyn now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Mary Windeyer - Wills & Estates Lawyer in NSW

Mary Windeyer - Profile

Mary Windeyer is a Lawyer who is a member of both the Contested Wills & Esates Team and our Wills & Estates Team, alongside Warwick Gilbertson. Her major emphasis is on the many aspects of wills and estates law including wills, deceased estates, probate and administration, enduring powers of attorney, enduring guardiansestate planning, testamentary trusts and contested estates.

Admitted as a solicitor in 1984, with a background as a health professional, Mary has a strong commitment to conflict resolution through alternate dispute resolution to minimise the cost to clients both financially and emotionally.

Call Mary now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Matthew Carney - Family Lawyer in NSW

Matthew Carney - Profile

Matthew Carney is the head of our family and criminal law departments. Matthew provides practical and effective family law advice to clients in all family law matters. Matthew's practise includes property settlements involving corporate entities, high wealth property settlements, complicated superannuation cases and matters involving international assets. Matthew also has significant experience in children's proceedings including matters in the Magellan list.

Matthew provides criminal law advice and represents clients before all Courts in all criminal law matters. He represents clients in complex matters including but not limited to large scale drug supply matters, break and enter, serious violence and sexual offences. He appears regularly in the Local Court for all matters including traffic offences, licensing appeals, AVOs, drug and violence related matters.

Call Matthew now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Natalie Power - Wills & Estates Lawyer in NSW

Natalie Power - Profile

Natalie Power is a Lawyer who is a member of both the Wills & Estates Team and our Exceptional Conveyancing Team. Natalie specialises in Wills & Estates Law, however is also able to handle conveyancing matters which relate to her estate matters, such as the sale of a deceased's property, and other conveyancing transactions.

Natalie is an asset to Turnbull Hill Lawyers who maintains a long list of clients who keep coming back to her and receives client referrals on a weekly basis. This is a testament to her friendly approach and ability to make matters a smooth, stress-free and streamlined process.

Call Natalie now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Nicole Brotherton - Conveyancing Lawyer in NSW

Nicole Brotherton - Profile

Nicole Brotherton was admitted as a Solicitor in 2014 and has worked primarily in the areas of Property Law and Wills and Estates. Nicole has recently joined Turnbull Hill as a dedicated Property Lawyer.

Nicole practices exclusively as a member of our Exceptional Conveyancing Team, led by top Conveyancing Lawyer John Teague, who is a Law Society Accredited Property Law Specialist.

Nicole serves people right across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the wider Hunter Region, including Maitland, Cessnock and the Central Coast.

Call Nicole now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Rani Gandha

Rani Gandha - Profile

Rani Gandha is a Lawyer in our Wills & Estates Team, alongside Warwick Gilbertson, and the Business Team, alongside Gavin Hanrahan. Over the last 10 years she has helped hundreds of clients achieve excellent results in their matters. Rani has worked in the fields of Wills & Estates Law, Commercial Law and Security Law.

Rani is understanding of the fact that her clients are often going through a difficult time having lost a loved one and works to ensure that she makes the process of administering the estate as simple as possible. Rani uses her experience with wealth protection and trust structure to assist clients obtain the will and estate planning documents that will achieve the best result for their beneficiaries.

Call Rani now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Sarah Hovanyecz - Business Lawyer in NSW

Sarah Hovanyecz - Profile

Sarah Hovanyecz is a lawyer in our Business, Commercial & Workplace Team. She assists Gavin Hanrahan in all areas of Business and Commercial Law at Turnbull Hill Lawyers.

Sarah is committed to exceeding client expectations and prides herself on being a reliable and diligent lawyer. She is sensitive to the needs of her clients and treats each one as an individual.

Call Sarah now on 1800 994 279 or email.


Andrew Bull - General Manager of Turnbull Hill Lawyers

Andrew Bull - Profile

Andrew Bull is the General Manager of Turnbull Hill Lawyers and a member of the Employment Law Team. He has over 20 years experience in Human Resources and a career in business that spans over 30 years. In addition to assisting clients with Employment Law matters, he is also the acting HR Manager at Turnbull Hill Lawyers.

Andrew is an integral part of the Employment Law Team where his human resources know-how, combined with the legal expertise of our workplace relations lawyers, ensures you receive comprehensive yet very practical advice designed to meet your specific needs.

Call Andrew now on 1800 994 279 or email.

Rachael Keyes - Debt Recovery Expert in NSW

Rachael Keyes - Profile

Rachael Keyes is a Paralegal in our Business, Commercial & Workplace Team, alongside Gavin Hanrahan. She has over 10 years experience in the areas of conveyancing, commercial leasing, building and construction law, banking and finance, and is an expert in debt recovery.

Rachael's debt recovery experience involves issuing letters of demand, initiating debt recovery proceedings, obtaining judgments, issuing enforcement proceedings and liaising with clients, debtors, courts, process servers, sheriffs and financial institutions. She has been involved with debt recovery work for a national organisation dealing with recovery proceedings in all jurisdictions in all states and territories.

Call Rachael now on 1800 994 279 email.


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